Pete Sits Down with Jacksonville SNI Financial Team

Pete Sits Down with Jacksonville SNI Financial Team

Pete the Job Guy
Pete the Job Guy
Pete Sits Down with Jacksonville SNI Financial Team

Pete Langlois recently sat down with part of Jacksonville’s SNI Financial team to discuss their backgrounds and what led them to SNI, what it’s like being a recruiter, giving back to the community, and how they view themselves as a resource to clients and candidates.


This week’s guests on Pete the Job Guy included Virginie Mascia, Patricia Wisniewski and Ryan Burrill who have all been with SNI Companies for a varying amount of time.  Virginie has been in this space the longest and has worked in the accounting and finance field for over the last decade. She has her MBA in Management from Jacksonville University and is a seasoned recruiter whose extensive knowledge in the field makes her a trusted resource for clients and candidates alike. Patricia has a background in education and has her Master’s Degree in English. She has been with SNI for a couple of years and brings her experience as a teacher into her current role by offering coaching and guidance to her candidates. Ryan is the newest member of the team and worked as an EMT while in college and after graduation found himself in the non-profit world for the last several years. Wanting to continue making a difference in people’s lives, he turned to recruiting and loves how his newfound career personally impacts other’s lives.


Being a Recruiter

With the unemployment rate in Jacksonville hovering around 1.8% for accounting and finance professionals, it’s a candidate’s market with a strong workforce. The team works to get to the core of what people are looking for and what their motivators are. Making a successful job placement is like being a matchmaker and they take their job seriously with finding the perfect match for their clients and candidates.


Giving Back to the Community

The team is passionate about volunteering and has worked with various non-profit organizations such as the Humane Society and will be offering their time to the Food Pantry in the near future. In addition, they are always running drives in the office and raising money for various causes. Giving back to their community is a key cornerstone of the office and brings the team closer together when they are working together for a greater cause.


Working at SNI and Helping Our Clients and Candidates

Working at SNI is fast paced and there are always lots of moving parts. The team works together and pushes each other to do their best all while having fun. They bring this enthusiasm to their clients and candidates and view their relationships with them as partners and a resource in the market. For their clients they are always asking how they can help and what hiring needs they have.  For their candidates, it’s getting to the root of what they are looking for and helping them find their ideal roles. Doing a successful placement is a win-win for all parties and they take the time to develop strong relationships.


If you’d like to listen to the full podcast you can do so on or on iTunes by simply searching Pete the Job Guy for this and all of Pete’s other episodes.

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