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Harold Stankard, Fidelity Investments | Exceptional Employees = Exceptional Service

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Harold Stankard, Fidelity Investments | Exceptional Employees = Exceptional Service

Behind The Mic

Pete the Job Guy

Show Host

As the staffing industry’s leadings authority, Pete’s mission is to provide answers for all workforce-related questions as well as give informative advice  and educational insight on the latest employment trends in the industry to candidates and partners. He strives to create meaningful professional relationships to fill the gap between hard-working, qualified candidates and bold, venturous companies.


The World Famous,
Arren Mills

Show Co-Host

Arren strives to make compelling and relatable content, just for you. To deliver content, she spends most of her time researching and then, the time that’s left, writing. You deserve the most up-to-date, hot news when it comes to jobs. From preparation, to excelling in your current job or finding a new job, Arren ensures she finds the answers to all your work-related questions. 

Alex the Original Hard Workah

Show Co-Host

Alex Stuckey is an accomplished entrepreneur with a track record of success that spans across many industries.  Alex’s unique experiences allow him to identify a path to success that most others simply cannot see.  He is a creative thinker and a leader of leaders that approaches every obstacle with a roll-up-his sleeves mentality. 

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