Well, I was raised a blue-collar kid from a blue-collar town northeast of Boston.  In the fine town of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, the biggest and best compliment you could give someone wasn’t:

“He or she’s the smartest person” or  “he’s the most successful, he’s the most talented, he’s the richest.”


The biggest compliment you could give anyone from my hometown sounded like this (of course, spoken in a thick Massachusetts accent):

“That Pete-ah.  He’s a hard work-ah.”

Hold on to that thought because that mentality shaped me.

I enlisted in the Navy because college wasn’t an option for me then.  After attending boot camp and training to become a jet engine mechanic, I was stationed right here in Jacksonville Florida at the tail end of 1984.  I was stationed at NAS Cecil Field and attached to the USS Saratoga, at NAS Mayport.  We crossed Gaddafi’s ‘Line of Death’ and along with my fellow shipmates, was awarded the Navy Expeditionary Medal.  I worked 50 – 70 hours a week depending on our mission/schedule.  I took college courses at night and weekends – whenever possible.   I re-enlisted so that I could take advantage of my earned ‘shore duty’ and I finished my undergraduate degree at just about the same time I was honorably discharged.

Since then I’ve had career high, lows, highs again and lows again.  I have taken many lumps along the way that I can help people avoid.  I’ve learned lessons that others will certainly benefit from hearing about.  I was fortunate to end up working in the field of staffing and recruiting, where I help people all day long.   For the past 9 years, I functioned as the Chief Operating Officer of SNI Companies where I helped build it into one of the nation’s largest specialized staffing firms with an annual revenue of over $100 million, with over 450 employees and 40 offices nationally.  I love what I do.  I am passionate about helping people.  And every working minute of every work day I am dedicated to being the HARDEST WORK-AH I can be.  I do this for myself, my family, my employers, the stockholders of our company, and to set the example for all my fellow hard work-ahs.

"I want to say “thank you” for all you have done. BUT especially the words of encouragement. Your company was different in that you understood things like a layoff happened. As a result, I will only recommend you and the company!"

-Rebecca, Financial Analyst


My mission is to provide answers for all workforce-related issues and controversies (old/new) as well as informative advice for candidates and educational insight on the latest employment trends in the industry to clients. I strive to create meaningful professional relationships to fill the gap between hard-working, qualified candidates and bold, venturous companies.


Extensive Network

I have a far-reaching network in the  community and can provide searches for direct placements or interim solutions. Based on the your needs, I can offer both retained and contingent recruiting services.

Long-Term Relationships

Long-term relationships with employees and clients have been built in an environment of integrity and commitment, with a shared goal of mutual success.

Meaningful Relationships

I strive to know each professional individually ― your unique talents and career goals. We also take the time to understand the distinct culture and skill requirements of each client company.


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