This expert show is dedicated to the workforce of today and tomorrow. 

Pete ‘the Job Guy’ Langlois introduces his listeners to Jacksonville’s most innovative companies, and he explores the career journey’s behind some of Jacksonville’s top influential individuals –  all done with an honest and entertaining filter.

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Pete the Job Guy

Show Host

As the staffing industry’s leading authority, Pete’s mission is to provide answers for all workforce-related questions as well as give informative advice  and educational insight on the latest employment trends in the industry to candidates and partners. He strives to create meaningful professional relationships to fill the gap between hard-working, qualified candidates and bold, venturous companies. Check out Pete Langlois on

Behind the scenes with Angie Langlois

Pete the Job Guy is not the only Hard Work-ah in this family.  Angie has been a successful businesswoman her entire life.  Take a look at her LinkedIn profile.  We make a great partnership.

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