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Want to gain some inside tips from business leaders in the Jacksonville area? Take a look at our inventory of tips made just for you!


Hurricane Preparedness

After spending over 20 years in Florida, I know that many Floridians wait until after the hurricane hits to react. If your business is in hurricane territory (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas), there is no time to react. You and your business have to be proactive and plan extensively before hurricane hits. Keep your business going by simply thinking ahead.


Leadership Lessons with Coach Larry

Larry O’Brien (Coach Larry) is the founder and Chief Learning Officer at Mendoza+O’Brien, LLC. He is a sought after executive coach and leadership facilitator. He has over 20 years of experience working in various leadership roles where he has led global systems, process, and training implementations. As a coach, his mission is to help leaders become their personal best. Larry works with leaders who are in a transition such as taking on a new role, leading a new team or need to develop new skills to prepare them for the next level.

Tune in each week as Coach Larry gives us FREE tips on leadership. 


Minimal Mills

Arren Mills decided that she wants to be a ‘minimalist!’ I don’t even know what that means, but if you want to follow Arren’s #25Capsule journey? Stay updated on her Instagram or check out her blog site to see how she’s minimizing to bring awareness around #SlowFashion and #FairTrade.


Pete's Picks

Need to know the best places in Jax? I’m no expert on food, but I will definitely share my favorites from my 20 years of being in the area! Just follow my Instagram to get the latest updates on #PetesPicks

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