Why IT Professionals Quit Their Jobs – And Ways to Keep Them From Leaving

IT employees leave their jobs for various reasons, some are personal but many are a result from workplace culture. As the latter is ultimately under the control of the company, the employer has the opportunity to shift this mass exodus into a positive situation by listening to the complaints of their team. Per assorted surveys that were distributed and completed by IT specialists, here are the top 3 reasons they leave their jobs and a few tactics employers can use to keep them happy:


While compensation is not always the smartest reason to leave a position, it is often the most common motivation behind someone switching roles. The employee’s feeling of being overworked and undervalued by their employer usually drives this decision – they may not always be seeking higher compensation, rather positive recognition to show their talent is appreciated. 

A way for employers to remedy this is starting by listening to their employees when they are requesting a raise and simply ask “why”. If increasing the salary amount is out of reach from a budgetary standpoint, then possibly propose a little something extra like additional PTO days – Anything to make them feel heard and rewarded.

Career Advancement

No one likes to feel bored day in and day out at their job, especially IT professionals – They are used to being challenged with problems that only they know how to solve. Once a lack of interest takes over, subpar work and constant job searching on LinkedIn will be the results. Room for advancement is huge in this industry; so employers need to offer this in order to successfully retain their talent. If the company isn’t in a place to offer promotions, then there are other ways to help employees grow in the field that will also be of benefit to the employer. Offering to pay and send teams to workshops and / or leadership courses is one great way to boost their motivation and take new techniques learned back their everyday role.

Company Culture

In this generation, company culture is everything. Millennials are persistently looking for other opportunities the moment they feel low morale in the work place and this all starts with the management. IT specialists are known to work during unconventional times, in very different environments – The last thing they desire at the office is set hours and micromanagement. Companies can work towards a solution here by offering accessible management, who are understanding of the way the “9-5” mindset is shifting and willingly adapt to that change. Offering an office environment that is transparent and appealing to the age group in today’s work force will, not only keep great current employees, but will also attract likeminded talent.

While this article is tailored to those in the IT profession, these strategies can also be successfully used for other industries. Utilizing these recommended approaches will hopefully help reduce turnover, while keeping valued and hard-working employees satisfied with their current employer!

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