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Temporary/Contract Services:  Our temporary and contract staffing and recruiting services provide flexibility to clients who need subject matter experts to support long and short-term projects. Our expertise in specialized verticals enables us to understand your business needs and vet candidates thoroughly, ultimately providing only qualified and highly capable professionals who will excel at your organization.

Direct Placement: Our direct placement team recruits and selects talented job seekers who are looking for longevity and growth at a thriving business. Our proven recruiting and vetting process guarantees that we find professionals who have the exact skill set and personality that will fit your industry and company.

How we source candidates.

  • We host the top rated weekend show on News 104.5 FM. Active job seekers (and passive seekers) send their resumes to us every week.
  • We out-hustle all other recruiters.  How?  We are prolific networkers.  You see us at trade shows, job fairs, and local and national conferences. 
  • We are immersed in the community and actively participate and/or sponsor fundraisers and other popular events. We regularly speak at events and offer advice and information to help people navigate their career journeys. 
  • We are always recruiting and we identify qualified candidates daily that aren’t currently in the market and are not replying to job postings.
  • We invested heavily, and continue to invest, in securing the industry’s best recruiting tools.  Our recruiting tools are lightning quick with employee-advanced algorithms to find hidden talent anywhere.   We also subscribe to all career related job boards and platforms that scour the internet for qualified talent.  
  • We are the most experienced team in town.  Compare our professional experience to any other active recruiting team.  That experience translates into results for you!

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