Coach Larry | 3 Step Career Conversations

Coach Larry | 3 Step Career Conversations

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Coach Larry | 3 Step Career Conversations

One of the best ways to retain and engage your employees is to help them identify their dream role and a plan for achieving it. Follow this 3 step career conversations process created by Russ Laraway while at Google. He and Kim Scott are co-founders of Candor Inc.

Conversation 1: Have a life story conversation – Simply ask, “Starting with kindergarten, tell me about your life.”  Then, listen to pivotal moments to better understand your values.  Share what you think is important to them at the end of the conversation.

Conversation 2: Have a visions conversation – Learn about the employee’s dreams and help them clarify specific vision statements. It can be 2 or 3 visions.  A couple clarification questions to get focus are: What kind of role do you imagine? In what industry do you imagine yourself working in? What size company or stage of company growth do you imagine yourself working in?

Conversation 3: Have a career action plan conversation – Put together the action plan. Include concrete action items to build skills such as expanding the role, assigning new projects, expanding their network and more.

That’s it! The reality is that people have dreams and you can either help them get closer to achieving them and keep them engaged, or ignore the fact and eventually they will move on to someone who can help.

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