Speaker: Virginie Mascia

Virginie Mascia, SNI Financial | Hello, 2019!

In this episode:

Originally from Nice, France, Virginie’s passion is igniting and inspiring people to create a successful mindset while teaching her mantra, “Anything is possible with the right attitude.” Virginie uses her knowledge from experiences to teach others to achieve their goals and dreams. She believes a renewed mind is an empowered mind and life.

She is fluent in French and conversational Spanish. She holds an MBA with concentrated studies in Management and a Bachelor of Administration with majors in Marketing and Management. She has extensive business and sales experience, is a successful Master Certified Executive Coach, and currently works at SNI Companies as an Executive Recruiter.

Virginie also holds a position on the B.O.D for Divine Restoration, a non-profit global organization helping individuals overcome obstacles, and she serves as Event Chair for The Shircliff Society.

Virginie’s hobbies include traveling, reading, spending time with her children, family and friends.

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