John Showalter joins Pete to discuss his career journey, mentor, and more!

Pete’s Guest is John ‘The Big Show’ Showalter, Senior Multi Media Account Executive at Cox Media Group. John shares his personal career journey, which includes a nod to his mentor.  We all have so much to learn, and we all have a lot to give!

Linda Forde, CPA joins Pete on this episode of Hard Work-ah with Pete the Job Guy

Linda has spent nearly a decade in public accounting working on everything from tax returns, reviews and compilations to bookkeeping, payrolls and sales & use taxes.  Linda has worked in every accounting position available in industry from AP/AR to CFO.  This broad expanse of experience gives her a unique approach to solving problems and finding solutions for your business.  Linda is also a veteran of the U.S, Air Force.

Identifying and Avoiding Time-Wasting Habits

Pete and special guest Charlie Jimerson discuss real world time-wasting habits and share solutions that will help you eliminate them. 

Pete sits down with Mary Marx

Mary Marx is the President and CEO of Pace Center for Girls. Pace is comprised of twenty-one Pace Centers and twelve outreach programs across Florida. In her ten-year tenure as CEO she has led the organization through a transformational period of growth and has helped doubled the number of girls reached by Pace.

What advice would you give to your 21 year old self

Some of Jacksonville’s most influential leaders share advice that they would give their 21 year old self.

Pete the Job Guy interviews Katie Norton, Health Coach

Studies show the healthy employees miss less work, cost employers dramatically less, and they are more effective and productive.  Listen as Katie Norton describes how she helps people – FIND THEIR HEALTHY.

First Jobs, Worst Jobs, & Weirdest Jobs!

Hard Work-ahs of the world, you know you’ve had some, let’s say, ‘interesting’ jobs along your career journey.  Pete the Job Guy hasn’t always run multi-million dollar staffing companies, and Charlie Jimerson hasn’t always managed an award winning law firm. They’ve had some incredibly difficult and somewhat weird jobs along the way.  Listen as they share their stories, that helped define who they are today.  Listeners called in and also shared their unique jobs along their career journeys.  Fun, entertaining & informative!

Pete Sits Down with SNI Financial Team

Pete talks to SNI Financial’s Ryan Burrill, Virginie Mascia, and Patricia Wisniewski to discuss what it’s like to be a recruiter and working at SNI Companies.