How to Land Your Dream Career in 90 days or less!

Dr. Kim Bynum was my guest and she shared information that will benefit each and every one of you – How to Land Your Dream Career in 90 Days or Less!

“Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.” – Anonymous

Are you considering a job change?  What about moving into a totally new industry?  That can cause a lot of fear, uncertainty and discomfort for sure.  Nikos Westmoreland, Director of Business Development at Jimerson Birr, shares his personal experiences and strategy for preparing for, and ultimately being successful, with your career change.

Are you considering becoming an entrepreneur? Don’t just dive in without expert advice.

Pete’s guest on this episode is Johnny Helms, Founder & CEO of LUMBEE GROUP.   Listen as Johnny shares his personal journey of launching and running a successful, customer-focused business.

Producer Josh McCarthy gets out the ‘mail bag’ and Pete answers workforce related questions from listeners.

Motivating employees, starting salaries for college grads, difference between a CV and a resume, overcoming adversity at work, and more.

Relocation, Transition & Hard Work!

Nathan Walter, President & GM of the Jacksonville Armada FC, shares his career journey that is quite compelling. His straight forward advice, “You are your own CEO.”

Consultant, Business Executive, and Community Leader Lori Day stepped in for Pete as guest host

Lori’s high powered guests were Michelle Cook, Chief of Police at Atlantic Beach Police Department, and Deloris O’Neal, Assistant Chief at Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.  Lori and her guests discussed their personal career journeys and how they rose to top ranks as women leaders.

Michele McManamon and Sherita Jacobs from Operation New Uniform

My guests on this episode are Michele McManamon and Sherita Jacobs from Operation New Uniform – they help military veterans transition into successful careers – and they are awesome at what they do.  Also, I received a request from a listener who asked me to call her employee and address a sensitive issue on the air. What the heck, I went for it!  You won’t believe how that conversation went.  I’m still scratching my head!

Mother’s Day Special

Pete has a heart-felt message for some very special moms.  Producer Josh McCarthy joins Pete and goes into the ‘mail bag’ to read listener questions about challenging workforce issues that were sent into Pete.