Pete the Job Guy interviews Katie Norton, Health Coach

Studies show the healthy employees miss less work, cost employers dramatically less, and they are more effective and productive.  Listen as Katie Norton describes how she helps people – FIND THEIR HEALTHY.

First Jobs, Worst Jobs, & Weirdest Jobs!

Hard Work-ahs of the world, you know you’ve had some, let’s say, ‘interesting’ jobs along your career journey.  Pete the Job Guy hasn’t always run multi-million dollar staffing companies, and Charlie Jimerson hasn’t always managed an award winning law firm. They’ve had some incredibly difficult and somewhat weird jobs along the way.  Listen as they share their stories, that helped define who they are today.  Listeners called in and also shared their unique jobs along their career journeys.  Fun, entertaining & informative!

Pete Sits Down with SNI Financial Team

Pete talks to SNI Financial’s Ryan Burrill, Virginie Mascia, and Patricia Wisniewski to discuss what it’s like to be a recruiter and working at SNI Companies.

Pete Sits Down with Craig Tees, CEO and Founder at nRollTech

nRoll Tech was founded to help insurance brokers, carriers and employers implement and utilize the latest technology to help reduce cost and make the enrollment process simple. We have a passion for solving customer problems and have unique solutions to help your team avoid common mistakes that doom technology solutions.

If you are looking to build just one EDI feed or building an entire enrollment solution team, nRoll Tech can help. We always look for win-win partnerships and offer a variety of pricing models including hourly rates, SOW based and monthly fee based services. Our professional staff are highly skill technical resources with a deep understanding of the health care and insurance industries. By combining top technical talent with the best industry knowledge we are able to deliver solutions quickly and avoid the common mistakes most organizations face.

Virginie Mascia, SNI Financial | Hello, 2019!

In this episode:

Originally from Nice, France, Virginie’s passion is igniting and inspiring people to create a successful mindset while teaching her mantra, “Anything is possible with the right attitude.” Virginie uses her knowledge from experiences to teach others to achieve their goals and dreams. She believes a renewed mind is an empowered mind and life.

She is fluent in French and conversational Spanish. She holds an MBA with concentrated studies in Management and a Bachelor of Administration with majors in Marketing and Management. She has extensive business and sales experience, is a successful Master Certified Executive Coach, and currently works at SNI Companies as an Executive Recruiter.

Virginie also holds a position on the B.O.D for Divine Restoration, a non-profit global organization helping individuals overcome obstacles, and she serves as Event Chair for The Shircliff Society.

Virginie’s hobbies include traveling, reading, spending time with her children, family and friends.

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Lori Day | Diversity and Inclusion

Lori Day

My guest is Banking Executive and Community Leader Lori Day and she clearly defines Diversity and Inclusion and shares ideas on D&I strategies for business. Entertaining and informative, and at times – hilarious.

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