Lori Day Guest Host

Pete interviews Erin Lee and Larry O’Brien – and they tackle the very timely topics of divisiveness, racism, diversity, sexism, Allies, and more.  They also share information and tips to help you increase your self-awareness and become more inclusive. 

Erin brings experience in the areas of leadership development, inclusion and diversity, women’s leadership, innovation, and facilitation. She uses both a research-based and relationship-focused approach to increase dialogue and collaboration, in order to drive innovation, performance and bottom-line growth for corporate, non-profit, and government organizations.

Larry O’Brien is the Chief Learning Officer for Mendoza and O’Brien Leadership Development. He delivers leadership, diversity and inclusion training all over the world. He has a regular segment on our show called Leadership Lessons with Coach Larry.  Together, Erin and Larry have formed a partnership to help small to medium size organizations become more inclusive. They do this through conducting assessments and delivering customized consulting, training and coaching.

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