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Monthly Sales Award Winner, Patricia Wisniewski

The winner of the Monthly Sales Award is Patricia Wisniewski.  Patricia knows how to match candidates with the perfect career opportunity and really shows that she cares by doing whatever she can to make those matches.  Her teaching background has really helped her coach candidates through the interview process, during their contract assignments, and securing full-time roles with great companies. Her positive attitude and willingness to jump on any requisition at a moment’s notice is highly appreciated! Go Patricia!

If you would like to hear more about Patricia and some of her great tips on how recruiters help you land the job, check out this #PodcastFromThePast: Recruiters are Your Friends

First or Worst: CALLERS NEEDED

LIVE Broadcast: Sunday, August 12, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.


WOKV 104.5 FM

(or, on Sunday morning, click here!)

You know you’ve worked a stupid job before, or you had a disaster of a boss at some point….I want to hear your story!

The theme of this Sunday’s Hard Work-ah Show is discussion around first jobs, worst jobs (and perhaps your first job was your worst job).

And we need to hear yours!

Listeners, this is where I’d love to have YOU call in.

Simply dial 904.340.1045, Sunday between 8:00 and 9:00 am.

Can’t wait to here your stories!

Certified Hard Worker | July: Jay Gutierrez

Jay was nominated by Christian La Rosa:

“Jay has been a model of consistency and excellence in an ever-changing market. He achieves this through his client relationships. If you ever get the pleasure of accompanying Jay to meet one of his clients you will see their eyes light up, they are surely in for a treat. Jay has built a bond with his clients that is unmatched. They know without a doubt that Jay has their best interest in mind every time and that he will deliver when called upon. He is not just another vendor, he is a trusted partner and in many cases close friends with the clients he services.

More than his own success I have witnessed his inner office “locker room” presence where he really shines. His daily cheerful nature is contagious to the office and energizes the entire team. He is known to provide excellent coaching and apprenticeships to newcomers so that they are best prepared to tackle the daily tasks and communicate with each client with the utmost professionalism. Jay’s personal touch with his team members through the years has been nothing short of remarkable. Jay always makes himself available to lend a helping hand.

As important as work is, however, there is a lot more to life. Much of Jay’s professional success is attributed to his unwavering optimistic outlook on life as a whole. Jay Gutierrez is a one of kind individual and I am proud to call him a friend.”

About Jay

Jay Gutierrez is Division Director at Accounting Now, a division of SNI Companies, with 15+ years emphasis in the Staffing industry. He has worked in the Staffing, Construction and Accounting sector with proficiency in sourcing and marketing. Jay is an Accountant by trade with hands-on experience in accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and reconciliations which gives him insight as to the ideal candidate companies seek. He meets with exceptional professionals on a daily basis with unique skill sets that add value to any organization. Jay is always looking forward to earning the opportunity to compete for your business and become a seamless extension of your company.


Congratulations, Jay! Thanks for your dedication and your example!

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